Green Master Crafters Panoramic Girl on Swing Clock

Master Crafters Clock and Radio Company, Chicago.

Marble Green Mantle Clock

Panoramic Scene

Girl on Swing

A German Tudor cottage Lithograph/3D White Picket Fence in the Backround!

Clock in Storage for years

Switch for Light,

Does not light!, Probably Loose or Needs a Replacement.

I do not want to put my hands inside for fear of breaking something.

Hour, Minute, Second Hands intact.

Clock does not work when plugged in, could use a Dusting & Tinkering.

Clean but dusty inside.

Clock was in storage for years.

Label on back & Price Tag on Cord "Swingtime".

Cord Clean, Smooth, Original!

Perfect Decor for a Childs Room or in a Home Library.

The only Flaw is a piece of the bottom base is cracked

Does NOT Show when displayed, needs a small wooden piece to balance so it does not tip.

10 1/2 x 8 inches at it's widest.



The Clock is made of Bakelite, The Color is "Marble Green".