Green Metal Arvin clean plays

Arvin Model 250P 110v / Battery portable radio. Metal case.

This came in a group lot purchase, so I am not real familiar with its history. However, much to my delight it plays well and looks well also. Some TLC on this baby will make it look snappy. Appears as never abused, probably not used much. Still has the anti-wear covering on the 110 cord by the door to prevent chafing. The battery box and adjoining areas is quite clean also. In the battery box area someone had put a light film of oil on it at one time. This area is normally a real disaster on this type of radio. The light brown spot on top rear is an old masking tape price sticker that I havent removed. As I see it, only needs detailing, but as its an old electrical item, its sold as is, no warranty.

Shipping weight is 20 pounds

Pickup just West of Detroit, MI., OR I will be in Kalamazoo on NOV 10th.

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