~Green Soda Bottles - MtDew with flaw-Kickapoo-Upper 10


(What You See Is What You Get)

1960âe(tm)s MOUNTAIN DEW Soda Bottle (unique with flaw)

Upper 10


This auction is for THREE vintage green soda bottles.

These three green soda bottles are all 10 Oz. in size. All three bottles are green glass and is about 2 1/4" diameter x 9 3/4" tall . All three bottles have white advertising and two have red also. You can be a better judge of the condition than I can, I tried to show the bottling flaw in the neck of the Mt. Dew and I think you can see it in the bottle.

Mountain Dew Soda Bottle

The first bottle is a collectable 10 Ounce Mountain Dew soda bottle of green glass and with a red and white Willie on the front and back. Marked with âeoeFowlerâe(tm)s Beverages Charlotte, N.C.âe

The neck of this bottle was produced and distributed with a very obvious flaw in the glass, it cannot be felt outside the bottle but it is a small bump on the inside, like a glass drip. Still overall the bottle is in very good condition with little wear and very minor surface scratches. It is a genuine one of a kind bottle ; no other has this big flaw, you should be able to easlily see the flaw in the photos provided.

Bottom has âeoe10 FL OZS.âe across the top rim and below that is what appears
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