S & H GREEN STAMP MACHINE! WOW! From a time gone by!!

S & H Green Stamp Machine !

Wow a Green Stamp Machine from a time gone by! Has the KEY still in it!

Who remembers Green Stamps? Well I must admit I do. I can remember my Mom getting saving them when I was little. I do not know how this machine works or if there are still stamps inside but it has the key and is still in pretty good shape. Nine inches long by nine inches wide.

On the back reads: Akra Stamp Machine Co. Inc.

P.O. Box 87 Arcadia Calif. Patents Pending. Made in USA

To the right of the machine is the rip out where the stamps would come out.

Hang it on your wall, and remember when you could get a whole set of dishes for some saved up Green Stamps!

Email me with questions! GOOD LUCK ! ! !