Green and White MTG Deck, various editions

Here We have an old Magic the gathering trading cards deck which i built based on plains and forest. There are a variety of cards from various editions of the trading card game, i will list all the cards below:
1 X Test of Endurance 2 X Ageless entity 1 X Phantom Nishoba 1 X glarecaster 1 X Worship 1 X Eternal Dragon 1 X Savannah Lions 1 X Mirari's Wake 1 X Purify 1 X Intrepid Hero 1 X Aura shards 1 X Blinkmoth Well 2 X Elfhame Palace 1 X Hero's Reunion 2 X Holy Day 1 X Soltari Lancer 1 X Vitalizing cascade 2 X Armadillo Cloak 3 X Wellwisher 1 X Treetop Rangers 2 X Timberwatch Elf 14 x Forest (3 Holographic) 14 X Plains (3 Holographic) 1 X Fog

Any questions please contact me, thanks for looking.