Greenstone/Chlorastrolite with Copper-Keweenaw-Michigan

Item: Greenstone/Chlorastrolite Gemstones - One Polished & 3 Unpolished

Origin: North America - Keweenaw Peninsula / Lake Superior Region

Location: Northwestern Upper Peninsula of Michigan - Keweenaw County

Physical Description and Properties:

Upper Michigan Mineral Specimens - Four (4) High Quality - Gemstone Grade Chlorastrolite - One (1) Polished & Three (3) Not Yet Tumbled or Polished.

Please Note: The beautiful polished gemstone in this unique and valuable collection has been removed from the same host rock as the other three yet to be worked gemstone specimens in this collection. While the polished stone itself may or may not be perfectly suitable for immediate placement in common standard size jewelry settings, it does clearly illustrate the fine quality display of chatoyant "turtleback" pattern and color and relative hardness of the other three gemstone specimens that are yet to be tumbled or polished .

The worked and polished gemstone contains a calcite filled botryoidal crystal geode in which native copper is also included.

The lightest weight specimen of the unpolished stones contains an interesting, but not readily identifiable Micro-Crystaline Mineral.

Approximate Sizes:

Specimen #1) Length of Polished Stone is: 5/8 in. L x 1/2 in.
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