Gretsch Electromatic -TV Jones Pickups & Chet Atkins style Gretsch Bridge

I'm seling my Gretsch Electromatic 5120 as I almost never use it now. In the meantime, It has been upgraded as follows:
Bridge Puckup: TV Jones Powertron plus (gold)
Neck Pickup: TV Jones TV Classic (gold)
Tailpiece: Gold Gretsch logo Bigsby with Chet Atkins style arm.
Wiring/electrics replaced by TV Jones harness for beter fidelity.
Comes with a Gretsch padded gigbag .
All in all, over 200 has been spent on ugrades.
If you don't know already about TV Jones, use the link below; they are regarded as some of the best current pickups for Gretsch guitars. In fact, they fit them in some of their guitars as standard I believe.
I have gigged this guitar and I would say it's a bit of a beast (in a good way). It does have a bit of buckle rash on the back which my camera couldn't pick up; it's quite minor.
Otherwise, no dings or scratches that I've noticed.
It also comes with a Gretsch padded gigbag.
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