Here I am selling a piece of Taxidermy I put together earlier this year. I have been practicing Taxidermy for 9 years and always practice ethical Taxidermy. NO animals were harmed during the making of this piece :)
The Badger is a piece I bought a few years ago to repair as he had some damage to his feet and face. I have since restored him and given him a new lease of life. He has some accessories including handmade leather (faux) boots and harness that cover some damaged toes. The squirrel on top of the badger was a donated to me earlier this year, he had a missing arm, I always try and do something with damaged animals as appose to letting them go to waste and here is the result.
The squirrel has a little handmade (faux)leather cap, a handmade vertebrae necklace and bandaged arm with "tattoos" on his fur. He is fully preserved and will last a life time. He has high quality glass eyes and a fluffy coat and tail. He is sat upon a hand sewn and made leather harness with burgundy velvet seat. The chains that control the badger are gold plated and all join up to the reins he is holding. The side saddle has some conkers from the last season all drilled through and bound together with gold jewellers twine. He also has some pellets in a little glass jar (the squirrel had these healed beneath the skin).
This is a one off
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