GRIFFIN World Is Filled With Love 1968 SITAR PSYCH HEAR


THE GRIFFIN "The World Is Filled With Love"

Original 1968 white label pr0m0 LP on the ABC label, MONO ABC-634

Cover: VG++, real nice, minor edge wear and ringwear

Vinyl: SUPER CLEAN, plays nice VG++


It would take some nerve today to release an album called “The World’s Filled With Love,” or just sheer ignorance, but back in 1968, you could get away with it. And that’s just what this obscure flower power pop psych band did – this is Griffin – no relation to Merv - with their 1968 ABC label album, optimistically titled “The World’s Filled With Love.” And anyone with a sweet tooth for the first two Strawberry Alarm Clock long players, or the mystical but still pop-centrific later Monkees albums, or anyone who still believes the world is filled with bunnies and pink cotton candy clouds, will find Griffin ’s naïve but surprisingly trippy outlook on life pretty reassuring. Hey, if George Harrison could honestly believe that, without going out of his door, he could know all things on earth, then don’t fault the kids in Griffin for summoning up their inner Kahlil Gibrans when they sing “Know thyself is just a phrase, till some have passed through the haze. I’ve figured out the maze, in my other life.” As Ravi Shankar’s dad, I’m guessing,
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