Grimm's Spiel und Holz Blue-Green Dollhouse to Go NEW

Wonderful Mobile Home Wooden Dollhouse by Germany's Grimms Spiel und Holz - small enough for your tot to pack up and carry with her, like a wooden purse with a miniature world inside! Also doubles as a stacking/ nesting toy. In Blue and Green hues. 14 pieces and a felt cover with strings for transport make this the perfect dollhouse for the on-the-go child. With a bookshelf and sink and oven unit, as well as chairs, a table and arch pieces for walls or furniture. Perfectly sized for dollhouse dolls! (DOES NOT COME WITH DOLLS, THOUGH.)All products of the company Grimm's are non-toxic, substance-free and safe. Grimm's uses in the main alder, linden, maple and cherry wood from Europe. H: 14.5 cm L: 19 cm Brand-new! Retails for $65. My buy-it-now price is low only because I am trying to list this only once and sell quickly. Dollhouse is PERFECT and NEW and MINT.