This is a lovely Vintage GRISWOLD #34 Plett Pan from the Early 20th Century with the rare, hard to find Large Block Logo. The underside has the renowned double circle and cross GRISWOLD logo with the highly desirable large block letters and logo and clearly reads "NO. 34, GRISWOLD, 2980." The Plett Pan measures 9-1/2" across the round, 10" across the round to the tip of its small pouring lip on the opposite side and is 5/8" deep. It has a nicely designed 5" handle which is elevated 1-1/2" above the surface for easy lifting. The Plett Pan can make up to 7 round 3" cakes at a time. The Plett Pan is made of the highest grade iron ore of the period and is clean, seasoned and in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, pitting, rust or warping and sits perfectly flat on the stove or in the oven. This is truly a lovely Early 20th Century Vintage GRISWOLD Plett Pan with the Rare Large Block Logo ready for use and making a striking display from the premier manufacturer of Early American Cast Iron Cookware, GRISWOLD.