Griswold Cast Iron #9 Large Block Logo Skillet - Cleaned and Seasoned

Griswold Cast Iron #9 Large Block Logo Skillet - Cleaned and Seasoned

This large logo skillet has been thoroughly cleaned and lightly seasoned. All the nasty baked on crud and carbon buildup have been cleaned off which leaves you with a nice piece for use. It is ready to join your cooking staff the day it is received. It sits flat on a hard surface without any wobble and there is no bow to the bottom inside cooking surface. This skillet was originally made sometime between 1930 and 1939. It is 11 3/8" across without the pour spouts and 2 ¼" deep. With the handle it is 16 1/8" long.

The back of the skillet is marked:

Cast Iron Skillet


Griswold logo in a double circle - 3 ¼" across

Erie PA., U.S.A.


There is a 9 at the base of the handle on the front. The inside cooking surface is super smooth to the feel and it is free of pocks and pitting but there is extremely shallow utensil marks that can be seen and are under the seasoning. There are no chips, cracks, breaks, rust, or repairs to the piece. There are the usual discoloration and utensil scratches and marks from years of use and age. It rings like a bell when tapped with a wooden spoon.

I clean all of my cast iron back to the original gun metal gray casting or as close as I can. This way it has no residue or contaminants
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