A little griswold history for all my great bidders and lookers. Griswold is a brand of cast iron cookware and acessories that was made from a partnership of Matthew Griswold and his two cousins Samuel and John Seldon in 1868 they manufactured seperable butt hinges and other articles of hardware thus known as the "Butt Factory." This name was dropped in 1873 and the company became known as Seldon & Griswold Manufacturing Company. In 1882 Sam died and in 1884 Matthew bought out the interests held by John and by Sam's heirs to become the sole owner. A fire swept through the plant in 1885 but it was repaired and remodeled the same year. The firm was reorganized two years later, and the Griswold Manufacturing Company was chartered. In 1903 they moved the plant to the old Shaw Piano building. In 1905 Matthew stepped down and his son Matthew Jr. took over as President. In 1914 he was replaced by his brother Marvin and he is accredited with getting the company into the cookware business. The business was handed down to several decendents and finally in 1957 Griswold was purchased by McGraw Edison Co., of Chicago, Ill., within six months they sold the Griswold name and trademarks to the Wagner Manufacturing Company of Sidney, OH. They in turn in 1959 transferred all Griswold
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