Griswold Pie & Bread Oven For A Wood Stove Ca.1930-RARE

Up for auction is a Vintage Griswold Pie/Bread Oven for a Wood Stove.It was produced around 1930.It has an Oven Door with glass and a Latch that works. The glass has a definite break.I would replace the glass if I were going to keep the Oven.The inside has a rack and a metal burner to conduct the heat.On the front of the oven is: The Griswold MFG. Co. Erie,PA. USA.It measures 12" by11 1/2" by 9 1/2". The back bottom by the seam is rusted through-see pic.6.The oven needs to be cleaned as you can see in the pictures.The gentleman who sold this to me remembers his family using this on their wood stove.

T is a $2 handling charge added into the shipping price.

Check my pictures for detail and condition.