GRIZZLY ADAMS 1977 dome metal lunch box & Thermos NMint

GRIZZLY ADAMS 1977 dome metal lunch box & Thermo s EXCELLENT Rare Vintage Collectors Item by Aladdin. This is not a reproduction; this is the ORIGINAL Grizzly Lunchbox.

This is the nicest lunch box I own but I am not attached to it so I am letting it go. Wonderful Color.No Rust, No dings, No markings or writings, No Major or Minor Scratches (except maybe 1 minor surface scratch on donkey & cabin on back after intense look over). Only paint loss is on bottom on the "stand bubbles" and only to a light degree. Handle and latches are shiny and work great; as well as the thermos holder on the inside. On one side it reads "Schick Sunn Productions Inc. 1977" and on the other side "Aladdin Industries Incorporated Nashville Tenn. USA 37210 (then an "A" in circle").

The thermos is in good shape bit faded and missing the cap and brown cup (lid part-finding one would not be too difficult) but clean. The only paint loss is a bit of Grizzly Adams forehead area. It has no cracks or no real major problems it still looks great. It has the same writing on it as lunch box does. Bottom of thermos is really nice too! No smells either.