Grizzly Feather Hair Extensions (2 full matching sets)

Grizzly Feather Hair Extension (Matching Sets )
plus 4 microbeads!
This auction is for 2 matching sets of feather hair extensions. All of the feathers used in these sets are highly sought after Whiting or Metz Farm saddle feathers. These feathers are sold out and very hard to find right now so get them while they last!
These feathers are salon quality and can be treated like your own hair. They can be blow dried, curled, shampooed, cut, and flat-ironed. When treated with care, these extensions can last in your hair for months!
These feathers are not bonded at the tip, allowing you the freedom to wear them in your hair however you like. Mix them up, scatter them around, even wear them all in the same extension to really catch some eyes. I will also include 4 silicone lined microbeads with this order. If you would prefer light or dark, please contact me otherwise I will send 2 of each color.
If for any reason these extensions become twisted or bent with use, simply apply low heat with a flat iron and they will look like new again.
I have hand picked these extensions to make sure these pairs match each other to the best of my ability. Pairs are VERY similar but as they are natural they are not identical. Wear one extension on either side of your hair to create a stunning symmetrical look that will
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