Grizzly Saddle Rooster Feather Extension clamp bead kit

These are such BEAUTIFUL Bundles. You will LOVE them!

ALL feathers can be washed and blown dry, curled and flat ironed (please use low heat.)

10 Gorgeous Feathers. Natural Colors, (not died) 10 FREE quality silicone beads

FREE wire hair threader

Sold Loose for more options on placement

1 thin / medium thickness fluffy at the base, Black and White Grizzly 6 to 7 inches

4 long thin Cream and Brown (one side of the feather is cream, the other side brown or auburn, 8 to 10 inches

1 thicker Black, (looks like velvet) 7 to 8 inches

1 thin - med thickness Auburn (BEAUTIFUL) 8 to10 inches

1 black and white Grizzly thin 7 to 8 inches

1 black and white Grizzly thin 5 to 7 inches

1 thin cream and tan striped 7 - 9 inches

These feathers are very Rare , I found many that are 3 toned, cream, then auburn, tipped with black.

Thanks and Enjoy!!!!!