Grocery Shopping Bag HUGE Whale Bag all purple mesh

This is it-"The Mother Of All Beach Bags"COMPARE TO $35.95 BEACH STUFF CHEAP PRICE $29.97 Featured in Parents Magazine, and Quick and Simple Magazine. The smaller Dolphin Bag was on Oprah's "O" list in 2007. *Made of thick outdoor furniture mesh. *Won't mold or mildew. *Mesh dries quickly. *Two layered polypropylene handle that will not rip - 1.5" wide, shoulder length. *#92 unbreakable/weatherproof dacron thread *8 pockets in 2 sizes, slightly gatd for easy fill up. *15" tall. 7 - 9" tall pockets and in between. 15" diameter (sturdy) Use at the beach, playrooms, holding toys, boat, scuba, snorkel trips car, soccer field, picnic area, everyw! Large enough to hold 6 beach towels + a lot more Stuff.