Grolier Christmas Ornaments-Lot of 53!!LOOK

You are bidding on a great collection of Disney ornaments by Grolier. I've collected them over the years, and now that my family has out-grown them, I am offering them up for bidding. They are all in their ORIGINAL boxes. And they come with the original 2 storage boxes that came with the collection. You'll get 36 Grolier ornaments....Pocahontas,Meeko,Bambi,Mickey's Fantasia,Mowgli,Baloo,Dumbo,101 Dalmations,Tigger,Scrooge,Beast-(Missing one foot),Lady,Tramp,JiminyCricket,Pluto,Minnie,Quasimodo,

Simba w Poinciana,Pinocchio,Figaro-Mouse is off/but included),Donald Duck,Aladdin,Snow White,Roger Rabbit,Jessica,Tinkerbell,Mermaid,Chip,Dale,Goofy,Mickey,Dopey,Peter Pan,Winnie the Pooh,Daisy Duck,And Jasmine.

You'll also get 17 Grolier "Presidents Edition ornaments....Woody, Buzz Lightyear,Alice in Wonderland,Mad Hatter,Mulan, Piglet,Simba with present,Pumba and Timon, Eyeore,Bernard and Bianca from the Rescuers,Grumpy,Doc,Sleepy,Happy,Sneezy,and Bashful!!

It'll be a collection your family will love! Good Luck