Grolier Family Bible Cards 2 Boxes Christian Education

Grolier's Family Bible Cards bring you all the great stories of the Bible in easy to understand text, plus facts and lessons that will both teach and inspire. The program offers vivid images of biblical places, people, and events. The cards also explore aspects of the Bible that you won't find in the Old and New Testaments, such as how the Bible came to be and what it was like to live in ancient times.

Each card features a full-color illustration and caption on the front. Images range from beautiful classic paintings to splendid photographs of the Holy Land and the Middle East. You'll also find lively renderings by contemporary artists, along with images of ancient artifacts, sculptures, mosaics, stained glass and more. Also on the front is the card's title and category. On the left side, when relevant, is either a time line useful for dating the card topic or a small map for locating the topic geographically. And in the lower right hand corner, when appropriate, you'll find a citation from the Bible. This is the book, chapter, and verse that first mentions the card subject.

On the back of each card, you'll read about the lives of the fascinating and heroic characters of the Bible, plus the amazing and miraculous events of both the Old and New testaments. In the upper right-hand corner, a picture credit tells you
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