Grommes & Ullrich NATIONAL BOURBON Chicago Bottle

The name on the bottle appears to be acid etched onto it. I would assume the pourer/stopper is also original to the bottle too as its a perfect fit. The cork is dried up, but still most of it is still t I put a blacklight to the glass and it glows yellow/green indicating it as being very old. The glass bottle itself without the pourer stands 8-1/2" tall. 's whats etched on the front: GROMMES & ULLRICH National Club BOURBON Chicago. The glass has no damage, that means no chips or cracks! The acid etching has obvious wear which you would expect on a bottle this old. The glass needs to be cleaned on the inside of the bottle. 's some information I found on Grommes & Ullrich that was on the internet:

Chicago, IL.
The company used the brand names:
"Great Union Pure Rye", "Marquette Pure Rye", "National Club", "Pullman Palace Car Rye", "Westmoreland", and "World's Fair."

Business name timeline:
Gromes & Ullrich (1870-1871), Gromes & Ullrich (1872), Grommes & Ullrich (1873-1918)

Address timeline:
146 S Clark (1870-1871), 229 W Madison, "will be located after Sept 1st, 199-203 Randolph" (1872), 199-203 Randolph (1873-1878), 174-176 Madison (1879-1885), 104-106 Madison (1886-1894), 194-200 Dearborn (1895-1910), 132-138 S Dearborn (19
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