NEW Groo the Wanderer full run complete set 1-120 Marvel/Epic Sergio Aragones

a full run 1-120 of Sergio Aragone's Groo the Wanderer. the manufacturer is epic/marvel comics. years 1982 to 1992

Conditions are all near mint, bagged and boarded. No folds nor rips nor discolorations

sergio aragone is famous for drawing tiny cartoons on page corners or sides in these mad magazines

all comics books are bagged and hard boarded. considered mint as i am the only the reader since acquistion in 1990's

has been collected, read once or twice with care, stored away inside cardboard box in dark dry environment

yes, i know its expensive. it took me 10 years collecting them monthly and they are well taken care of, read with care. my 10 years of earned work is your utmost convenience of 1-second acquistion of this full run. it will take you weeks of laughters. trust me on this. smiles