GROOVE SHARPENER USGA OK **Free Shipping & Divot Tool**

Item Specifics - Golf Accessories Type: Groove sharpening tool Sub-Type: -- Brand: -- Model: -- Tee Length: -- Condition : New

Most Groove Sharpeners listed on ebay look the same except this one - WHY?

Because most of them are made from flat bar tool steel in machine shops for ebayers who have copied other sellers.

Many sellers of this flat bar Groove Sharpener claim “it will keep your clubs legal”

HOW? - T is simply nothing to prevent the user digging too deep, NO GUARD - NO STOPPER - NOTHING !!

Why not ask these sellers “how do you control the depth of cut?”

No engineer would design a Groove Sharpener with such a fatal flaw !!!

OK I am still reading, why should I buy yours?

Well I am an engineer , and my Groove Sharpeners are designed with a wedge shaped cutting head.

This makes it impossible to cut deeper than the rules allow, making it the only Groove Sharpener with this feature.

I designed the product several years ago, and the design is so good it remains the same today.

My website www. golfersmate. net has been selling it since 2002 !

I buy the hardest tool steel from the USA , this is then shaped on my EDM Machines to an accuracy of 1/1000 of an inch.

The handle is Aluminum, turned on my lathes, this provides a round
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