Nice Group of 35 Neolithic Double Notch Uniface Points found in the Sahara

This is a nice group of 35 Neolithic Double Notch Uniface Points found in the Sahara Desert, Africa. These will make an excellent addition to your Neolithic collection.

Always Guaranteed Authentic!

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- The Neolithic cultures in Africa existed 4,000- 6,000 years ago (possibly older as some new evidence suggest) throughout regions of the Sahara desert. Before the Sahara was a desert these groups thrived in its vast grasslands and fruitful jungles. Today little in known about these lost people. The sands are constantly shifting moving the sites and artifacts to different areas. Due to the sand changes, archaeological studies are very slim. Sites shift, tumble and move so there is no layering to study. Collector Grade artifacts are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

- Kevin Pipes has been in the business of collecting artifacts since he was child and has been selling them for at least 30 years. He is well established in the artifact and knife communities. He can be found in the Who's
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