Group of 4 Edwards Botanical Register 1828 Engravings

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4 Botanical Engravings for sale as one lot:

Two-coloured Hosackia, Hosackia bicolor. 1257
Spreading Calceolaria, Calceolaria diffusa. 1374
Vine-leaved Anemone, Anemone vitifolia. 1385
Nootka Raspberry, Rubus nutkanus. 1368


This group of hand-colored botanical engravings is from Sydenham Edwards’s work The Botanical Register or Ornamental Flower-Garden and Shrubbery consisting of Coloured Figures of Plants and Shrubs, Cultivated in British Gardens. The work was published by James Ridgway in London between 1815 and 1847.

Sydenham Edwards was an eminent botanical artist of the late 18 th and early 19 th century. He devoted nearly three decades to William Curtis’s Botanical Magazine before beginning The Botanical Register in 1815 after a disagreement with Curtis. Edwards provided the paintings from which the first five years of the publication were engraved. Edwards passed away in 1819, leaving James Ridgeway to issue the following 9 volumes between 1820 and 1828. John Lindley continued the publication from 1829 until it was discontinued in 1847.

Guarantee: These engravings are original antique prints and not modern reproductions. I guarantee these prints to be authentic. Due to its age, some imperfections can be expected.
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