Up for auction is this great group of Southern Colorado arrowheads. The longest measures 1 13/16" long. These pieces were found in Southern Colorado. I chose this group b/c the materials are all very similar, and extremely nice. The point on the left side is unfortunately broken and glued. I am told this is a Pelican Lake. It, and all the others I will be listing, come from the collection of Floyd D. Schryver. Mr. Schryver passed away last year at the age of 98 in Arvada, Colorado. I purchased his collection of 2500+ pieces through an estate service. I sent a very few of the pieces to Ben Stermer for evaluation, but did not see any reason to send more than a handful. If the buyer or anyone else thinks the piece is modern, a quick, easy, and friendly refund will be given.
I start all auctions at a $1 with no reserve, and let the market decide their value.

I am a member of the AACA, and will additionally guarantee the authenticity of the artifact for 30 days.

I typically acquire collections from Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Missouri, but this collection contained many from Colorado, Montana, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Washington, California, and many other areas.

My personal arrowhead website link can be found by

Shipping is $3.00 for USPS 1st Class with delivery confirm. Multiple purchases
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