Group of (3) Hadrosaur Teeth-dinosaur fossil

Group of (3) Hadrosaur Teeth

This group of three Hadrosaur teeth consists of two very worn rooted teeth, and one lightly worn crown. The three teeth come from the Hadrosaur, Edmontosaurus. Edmontosaurus was a huge herbivore, adults reached lengths of over 40 feet long.

Edmontosaurs had hundreds of strong teeth held together by bony tissue to form dental batteries. Each battery forms a long grinding surface that could crush tough vegetation. Edmontosaurs were large duck billed dinosaurs whose name means "Edmonton lizard".

These three Edmontosaurus teeth were found in one piece, a hairline crack was filled on one of the teeth to stabilize it. The three teeth have great detail and preservation with a dark brown to black coloration. All around a nice group of Hadrosaur teeth.

The largest Edmontosaurus tooth measures: 5/16" of an inch wide by 1 1/16" inches in length.

The smallest Edmontosaurus tooth measures: just under 5/16" of an inch wide by 7/8" of an inch in length.

These three Edmontosaurus teeth were dug out of a microsite in the Hell Creek Formation of Carter County, Montana. These fossils were collected on private ranch land with the owner's permission.


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