GSA 1883-CC Morgan Silver Dollar

You are bidding on an 1883 Carson City Uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollar GSA hoard with box and proper Certificate of authenticity. This coin is from a family collection.

"These beautiful coins, designed by George T. Morgan and struck between 1878 and 1893 at the now-closed Carson City Mint, are 90% silver and 100% history. The coins were buried in Treasury vaults for more than 60 years-many still in their original mint bags-until a 1964 audit uncovered the secret of their historic and numismatic value. Each silver dollar in this sale-from the last of the Government's holdings-has in a handsome display case and placed in a velour-lined gift box containing a brief history of the coin. Carson City silver dollars are beautiful coins you'll treasure as mementoes of America's great silver mining era, or be proud to give to others as keepsakes for the future."