Guagemaster dcc25 decoder Damaged Harness Wiring

Gaugemaster DCC25 Decoder
Decoder is working, I do not recall if it has been set away from the standard address, so this will probably need to be re-set.
As can be seen from the pic, some wires detached from the harness attached to the chip, although the main 4 wires to the track and motor are still working. Lighting functions etc would not be available unless a new harness was fitted.
Included is a wired 8 pin loco plug which could be soldered in, but chip would be a good candidate for hard wiring.
Offered at a bargain price to an enthusiast with a soldering iron
These are excellent decoders, but are quite a bit bigger than the basic Hornby Decoder & are hard to fit in some locos Size is about 26mm x 18mm. Please be sure you understand this is not a perfect unit - I do not accept returns.
Free 2nd class postage