Guardian Angel Plate Bradford Someone to Watch Over 10

Someone to Watch Over Me

Guardian Angel

Complete set of 10 Plates

Picture 2..Plate 1... Guiding the Way

Picture 3..Plate 2...Helping Hand on High

Picture 4..Plate 3...Protected Sleep

Picture 5..Plate 4...Guided Journey

Picture 6..Plate 5...Safe at Play

Picture 7..Plate 6...Nurturing Innocence

Picture 8..Plate 7...By My Side

Picture 9..Plate 8...Faithful Care

Picture 10..Plate 9...Divine Comfort

Picture 11..Plate 10...Perpetual Love

Bradford Exchange

These are NEW...

All will come in their original styrofoam packing with the CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY

On the back of each certificate is the English translation, as all of the writing on the back of each plate is in German.

They measure approximately 5.25 wide by 9.25 high and have holes in the back so you can hang them up.

If you are someone who likes angels they are really gorgeous.

I see no chips or cracks.

I accept Paypal from confirmed buyers and ship USPS the next business day after payment is received.

Good Luck & Thanks for Looking!!!