GUCCI PARFUMS miniature perfume, mini fragrance COFFRET

The item for sale is a gorgeous miniature perfume coffret, of fragrances by Gucci.

La Collection des Parfums Gucci, The Gucci Parfums Collection.

Green 'leather look' coffret box. This is good condition overall. Please be aware that there is a little wear at the edges of the slip case and that the cover paper is peeling slightly at 2 corners at the join (see second photograph). The white flocked bed the bottles sit in has a faint grubby mark in one corner.

Contains 3 miniature perfumes:

Gucci No.3, 3ml parfum L'Arte di Gucci, 5ml eau de parfum Nobile, 5ml eau de toilette (for men)

The glass bottles are in perfect condition for a collector.

All fragrances are unused.

Height of tallest bottle, 4.5cm.

Please note: The packaging/bottle label (if any) may state 'not for sale'.