Gucci watch - needs fixing

This watch was purchased from beever brooks over 10 years ago now. As you can see from the pictures, it is showing signs of wear and tear but for those of you who want to go to the effort, this watch would polish up really well if you repair it. I've had some quotes from Gucci which are pretty high but if u want to take a risk, a high street watch repair man would do the job for little cost. The watch needs a new battery and a pin stop to hold the bracelet to the watch face as that's the thing which is broken so not a large repair! Once the battery is replaced, the watch will have full functionality. You are supposed to have the batteries replaced by Gucci but as mentioned, if you want to take a risk, a standard battery will be ok and it will cost a lot less. The glass has a few scratches on and so does the strap. I've loved wearing this watch but I'm selling it to up-grade now. Any questions, please ask.