4 Guerlain Display Perfume Bottles.Mitsouko.L'Heure Bleue.Vol De Nut.Baccarat.

A group of four 1980s/1990s Dummy Display glass perfume bottles,for Guerlain,designed by Baccarat.Also a Guerlain bag.
A large and small Mitsouko,L'Heure Bleue,Vol De Noit.
Three of the bottles are empty,coloured to look full.The small Mitsouko contains a 'Factice' liquid.
The large Mitsouko is 12cms tall.Smaller example 9.5cms tall.
L'Heure Bleue 11.5cms tall.Vol De Nut 8.5cms.
Total Weight 712 grams.
Condition - Very good.