Guinness World Records Yo-Yo Trick Set Novelty Gift

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Guinness Book Of Records Yo-Yo Trick Set Our Price: £5.99

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Perfect your yo-yoing skills with our Yo-Yo Set and you could be a record breaker! Together with the special Guinness World Records yo-yo, the mini book will help you work on your technique and you�ll soon be looping the loop in no time. The book helps you track your performance and provides guidelines to ensure any serious record-breaking attempts will be valid. The record for the most yo-yo tricks completed in one minute is 51 and was set by Hans Van Dan Helzen (USA) on the set of Blue Peter at BBC Television Centre, London, UK on 17 May 2004. Payment Details Welcome to Burt's Discounts on eBay, the webs favourite gift company.
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