Gulf, Beaumont, and Kansas City Railroad Beaumont Texas

Bid is for three Gulf, Beaumont, and Kansas City Railway Company cancelled checks. I bought a grouping of these checks in the mid 1970s. I believe this is my last 3 checks. These checks have with a large stream train vignette and an interesting history. The checks are dated at Beaumont, Texas in 1897 and 1898. The checks are written on the First National Bank of Beaumont. These checks were printed by the Cooke Banknote Co. in New York. Red 'PAID' First National Bank stamped on back of 2 checks. A Blue 'PAID' is stamped on the back of the third check. These checks have some corner damage and margin nicks. See picture for overall appearance. Many branches of the Santa Fe were once separate railroads with grandiose plans. One of the most unique was the Gulf and Interstate Railway. This railroad was planned to run from Texas' Galveston Bay to Topeka, Kansas, w the main line would split. One leg would go to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the other was destined for Duluth, Minnesota. Branch lines were to be built as needed to such faraway areas as Colorado and Wyoming. The G&I was to be built with convict labor and financed with property taxes supplied by each on-line state. After completion, the tax revenues were to support operation, making fares low or nonexistent. Each state would own and operate its portion of the railroad and appoint ... read more