Gumball charms and prizes over 345 vintage toys

Over 345 vintage gumball charms and toy prizes, these are in great shape and have not been used. Spin tops, skull, toothpaste, tooth, hot dog, flicker ring, flicker clock,boxing gloves, bottle, baseball, drink bottle, baseballs, dice shacker, rings, fish, ,soda can, fire hat,brush, comb,lantern, suitcase,cereal box,dancers,monster ring,teeth, treasure chest,mini super ball, food box,turtles,chicken, cow,dog house, can,smile ring rocking horse,baseball,bat ring troll,rats, crabs,birds ,records,pencil topper,footballs ,finger nail,handcuff, whistle, trophy, Eppy play money, combs, knifes too many to list all. Buyer to pay 4.95 priority shipping anyw in the U.S.. Paypal ONLY , payment due within 6 days of close of auction. Thanks