Gund Panda and Willington Bear

Here are two bears for listing. One is a Willington Handmade Bear by Artist Iris Anne, has label and is called Rusty, has old boots button eyes. Made from Mohair and came from an antiques fair. Rusty is fully jointed 12" long with a rusty old fashioned handmade look. Rusty has a stitched label on his foot. I think he is gorgeous, with a little hump to his back to resemble the famous bear. He comes with a little red wine ribbon. He is used to sitting with his GUND Bear Friend Tinsel, who is also 12" tall. Tinsel wears a Tartan scarf tied in a bow, and Tinsel has his Gund Label with his name and number 88071. Tinsel is a black and white panda bear. They have always been sat together, so I am listing them together. Used but lovely bears. Rusty is full of plastic pellets, hence the postage, it weights him. Ta.