GUNDAM Bandai BAN DAI Action Figure Mixed Lot 30+!!!

COUNT ZACKULA'S TOY VAULT needs to be cleaned, so I'm auctioning off (and have been) a lot of my old and newer stuff. I consider myself a pretty fair guy. Read my descriptions, follow my guidelines, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Keep checking back for more goods, and !!!

Items you are bidding on are a lot of 30+ GUNDAM action figures (not models) from Ban Dai. All from various eras. As far as know all seem to have their respective weapons and accessories but I'm no expert. Take a good look at photos. To be safe, I declare this lot sold "as is". All are 3-4 inch scale with excellent articulation, detail, and multiple accessories. This will be sorely missed...the last of my Gundams! Please note that some of the softer parts such as antennae, horns, or crests may be bent or warped since they are made of soft plastic or rubber obviously. Give these guys a good home!


Please just do me the honor of reading these terms before even considering bidding. I know a lot of buyers bid willy-nilly and end up missing important issues regarding sales and shipping, then expect me to cater to their mistakes. I know a lot has changed here on eBay for sellers, so I only ask that buyers make my life a little easier by saving me potential grief just because you didn't follow these guidelines.
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