Gunfacts, Mauser Parabellum Issues,Luger

This is an auction for a set of six Gunfacts Magazines - Issues 8 9 10 11 12 14 , for interval June 1969 - March 1970
The pictures show the six issues together plus front and back covers for the issue number 9 with the Luger
and the Borchardt which inspired the circa 1900 initial Luger design
Gunfacts magazine featured a set of 6 articles on the Mauser Parabellum Luger during the 1970 timeframe
of the intoduction of the new Luger into the US market
The articles were apparently intended to show the Mauser manufacturing process and tell the
story for those interested in the historical aspects of the effort to make new Lugers for a waiting world
The Interarms Company in Alexandria , VA was a key motivator to Mauser to recreate the Luger
and the story covers the interaction between Interarms and Mauser
These six issues are seldom found in a set together, and are an exercise in patience to accumulate
T was in 1985 a book "Mauser Parabellum" by Allan which provided information supplemental
to the Gunfacts issues , and the book and these Gunfacts issues cover different subjects
So together the two sources do provide an excellent coverage of this subset of the Luger story
The pictures of the castings , semi finished parts , factory workers , and production methods are not
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