Shown is an early ' GUNMETAL INFILL SMOOTHING PLANE '. No maker name on the plane as is custom with very early infills (Spiers, Norris excepted). Blade is marked to ' Aaron Hildick ' - ( 1795-1859 ) who is listed as a ' Edge Tool Manufacturer ' - ' Employing 13 men 7 boys and 2 women in Sheffield '. Plane measures 8 inches long by 2 1/4 inches wide. Beautiful camphered side brass body and brass bridge with double knurled lock-down nut. Infilled with what appears to be mahogany..? Note that the sole is well pitted - see photo. Looks like it sat in some caustic liquid or the possiblilty of casting voids during manufacture. Would not affect the use - mouth is good as is the blade. No cracks or breaks to the wood. Dandy infill plane that would look good in even an advanced early tool or plane collection...
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