Gunsmithing with Simple Hand Tools Book-Heat Treating-Blueing-Workshop Planning


by Andrew Dubino

Foreword by Ned Schwing


A straight-forward introduction to the basic hand tools used in repairing firearms, fine-tuning actions, and servicing shotgun and percussion locks. With detailed information on planning a workshop, this practical reference is a MUST-have for anyone interested in repairing and improving firearms. Great for the professional and amateur gunsmith alike!

Before the advent of the lathe, shaper, milling machine, and surface grinder, gunsmiths used hand tools to produce classic firearms. Such tools can still be used today to modify any design a firearms enthusiast has in his collection.

Topics such as metals, files, abrasives, small parts, home heat treating, and how to blue and polish a gun for a finished look are all covered in this informative book. It also guides the reader through the steps required to build a black powder percussion lock, trigger guard, firing pin, springs, and numerous other small parts from scratch.

Specs are provided for metal temperature colors, abrasive grit sizes, drill bit fractional sizes, and tap and die sizes, in addition to numerous machinist notes.

Hardcover. 6x9. 205 pages. 33 black and white photos. Illustrations. BRAND NEW !

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