Gunsmoke" Television Memorabilia Promo kit CBS 1963-64

This 1964-64 CBS press kit for the TV show Gunsmoke is intact and very rare.

I have included a photo of the list below along with photos of nearly everything mentioned. A couple of typed pages remained behind the ones in front of them in the photographs. I have not unspooled the film but believe it to be 16mm and in viewable condition but cannot guarantee this. Non of the material is faded or discolored in any way as it may appear in the pictures. The pictures were taken using natural light from the left and bulb light from the right. The three glossy photos mentioned in the list consist of one photo of "Kitty" and two of the same line art. I'm not sure why they had two of the same, but they did. The slides (one of "Marshall Dillon" and one of the cast - "Doc", "Festus", "Kitty" and "Marshall Dillon" both shown in extreme close-ups and held between my fingers) are great and unique stills could easily be made from them.

The items have been in the styrofoam box (pictured) for 43 years. The box had been taped shut but I had to open it to take the pictures.

This is a program promo "time capsule" of the classic Saturday night family TV western Gunsmoke . The first page inside the folder has a list of what the kit contains. I am typing it just as it is stated. Any typos are mine.

1. Two slides

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