H. Gurschner 1900s Mountains Original Color Woodcut

Original color woodcut; pencil signed, titled, and dated; printed and published by the artist . Size of picture about 10 x 9"- woodcut art apprx 4.25" x 4" .Matted - I am not opening the back .H Gurschner Herbert Gurschner On the back is what it says. IN THE MOUNTAINS #187 1625B This proof has been printed by hand personally by the artist , from woodblocks ,which the artist has cut separately for each individual color . Only a short edition will bee issued .The plates ultimately will be destroyed. Ask for Wohlgemuth Publications .Quality in art. is some history -- Herbert Gurschner 1901 Born 27 August in Innsbruck, Tyrol 1917 Attends the School of Applied Arts in Innsbruck 1917 First exhibition; Gurschner lives and works in Mühlau 1918-20 Studies at the Acadmy of Fine Arts in Munich; friendship with the painter W.N. Prachensky, Ernst Nepo, Alphons Schnegg and Rudolf Lehnert (Mühlau Circle) 1920-25 Various exhibitions in Innsbruck 1924 Marriage to Ella Dolores Erskine, an aristocratic Englishwoman 1925 Exhibitions in London and Chicago at the "Little Art Room"; on an exhibition tour throughout Germany Gurschner displays six paintings 1926-28 travels to Italy, exhibiting at the Biennale in Venice; espouses the "New Objectivity" 1929 First exhibition at the Fine Art Society in London 1931 Second exhibition at the Fine Art Society, gaining ... read more