Gustave Baumann: COTTONWOOD TASSEL Arts & Crafts Print!

Artist: Gustave Baumann

Dates: (1881-1971)


Medium: Print of Color Woodcut

Dimensions: 14 1/2" by 16" Image Size.

Snapshot In Time: This woodcut has somewhat of a western movie flavor to it. The original COTTONWOOD IN TASSEL woodcut was created in 1943 and at the time images and stories about the wild west were becoming more popular than ever. King of the Cowboys Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger were top box office along with Gene Autry and his horse Champion. Many of their movies took place in spots that looked just like the one in this picture.
Art Smart Fact: I n order to control and keep account of his woodcuts, Gustave Baumann developed his own inscription methodology. A Roman numeral indicated in which batch the woodcut was printed (I, II or up to III). Then the number and planned edition total was written in (125 is the most frequent number seen). Thus, the original COTTONWOOD IN TASSEL woodcut this print came from was made in the third batch; it was number 94 in a total edition of which 125 were planned.

About The Art: Baumann is considered by many to be the "best of the best" of any color woodcut artist who ever worked in this difficult medium. Today, original woodcuts by Gustave Baumann cost thousands of dollars if and when you can find them. But you

You will be interested to know that several of the Baumann woodcut reproductions that are now out-of-print have gone on to become valuable themselves. Like me, it is a wonderful way to hold a place on your home or office wall until an original one comes could happen.

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