Keep It Together - CD NEW Format: CD Artist: Guster Runtime: Not Available Retail Price: $11.95 TRACKS
1. Diane
2. Careful
3. Amsterdam
4. Backyard
5. Homecoming King
6. Ramona
7. Jesus on the Radio
8. Keep It Together
9. Come Downstairs and Say Hello
10. Red Oyster Cult
11. Long Way Down
12. I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today
13. Untitled - (hidden track)
14. Untitled - (hidden track) This is an Enhanced CD which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.
Contains 2 untitled hidden tracks following "I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today".
Guster: Adam Gardner, Ryan Miller (vocals, guitar); Brian Rosenworcel (drums).
Additional personnel: Ben Kweller (guitar, piano, background vocals).
Producers: Roger Moutenot, David Henry, Ron Aniello.
Boston-based Guster, who rose to fame the hard way through grass-roots audience-building, survived the jump to the majors with their sunny, low-key pop sound charmingly intact. Their first album of the 21st century, KEEP IT TOGETHER delivers more of the nice-guy-next-door acoustic rock that fans have come to love. As always, the melodic pop framework is set slightly askew by quirky lyrics (if you can get to the inner meaning of "Red Oyster Cult," you're ahead of the game). The production is slightly smoother and
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