GVD/GTD Audio Power Mixer BM8800

GVD (GTD) Audio Power Mixer BM8800
Completely refurbished and upgraded with improved components
- Upgraded components for better audio quality
- Added ground-lift switch for better control over sound quality
- 500W output
- 8 channel input
- Connect up to 8 instruments and 8 microphones
- Connect up to 4 speakers directly to unit
- Audio out for recording and connection to larger sound systems
- 7 channel graphic equalizer
- 16 digital sound effects
Unit is guaranteed against defects in workmanship. Does not include accidental/intentional damage, power surges or other damage. Contains sensitive components. Always follow instructions and use surge protection. Connect only to 120V 15A 60Hz power supply. Note: Unit is missing one knob, unit came like this and I was not able to find a replacement. This will not impair functionality, only aesthetics.