GWR Centenary Coach Kit (2)

This is an original BSL kit dating from the mid seventies. The kit offered is for a corridor composite and not the completed model shown in the first photograph. The basic kit comprises the coach and corridor sides, glazing strips, beading, ends, roof, floor solebars, vents, brass buffers and instructions, the diagramatic section of which is shown in the second photograph.
Bogies and the underframe used to be sold separately but these are included here. Part of the lot offered is a pair of BSL's GWR 9 ft bogies with wheels and a BSL underframe kit.
The item is shown as used rather than new because of its age and the fact that I had to open the packet to photograph the drawing.
The kit has yet to be packed for dispatch so the postage cost could be lower than the £3.50 quoted. A winning bidder may wish to wait for an invoice in case I am able to reduce the postage. There will be at least one further kit going on e-bay over the holiday weekend so if the same person buys more than one I will be happy to combine the postage costs.