Two GWS EDF40 Electric Ducted Fan Power System RC Motor

Soundtraxx Acc Decoder Passenger Coach Lighting Kit - 810136 - New Description:
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This is the GWS EDF40 Electric Ducted Fan Power System.

FEATURES: High efficiency, high output, Ultra-light, High speed Pre-assembled unit with duct, fan, motor and connector Operates on 6, 7.2 or 8.4V EP1630x6 size dynamic fan CN12-RLC motor

INCLUDES: Black plastic duct, Orange fan, motor with aluminum heat sink, capacitor and two pin GWS connector

REQUIRES: Installing in GWS Ducted Fan airplane kit

SPECS: Fan Diameter: 1.59" (40.4mm) Diameter of Outer Lip of Duct Opening: 1.9" (48.8mm) Diameter of Duct: 1.6" (42mm) Distance From Rear of Motor to Propeller: 1.8" (46mm) Duct Depth: 1.24" (31.5mm) Total Weight: .95oz (27g)

6V 7.2V 8.4V Amps: 3.1 3.9 4.9 Thrust: 1.87oz (53g) 2.5oz (71g) 3.05oz (87g) Power (W): 18.6 28.08 41.16 Efficiency: .10oz/w (2.85g/w) .09oz/w (2.53g/w) .07oz/w (2.11g)

Measuring 124mm x 12mm x 8mm this decoder offers flicker-free operation in both DC and DCC, with three onboard golden-white LEDs and three extra functions for even more interior lights or marker lamps. Also included is SoundTraxx SuperCap™ technology to keep your car lit for short station stops in DC for as much as two minutes.
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