GYMNASTICS LOT Small Child Motionwear leotards, chapter books, stickers, game

** GYMNASTICS ** SC Motionwear leotards, chapter books, stickers, game LOT


1) MOTIONWEAR LEOTARD - Purple and black sparkly velvet checkers with black nylon top, NEW WITH TAGS very small slit in back on top black part (barely noticeable) Size is Small Child ages 5 -6, Retail price is $34.00

2) MOTIONWEAR LEOTARD - Green, purple and white nylon leotard with hearts and peace sign design, NEW WITH TAGS very small area of loose stitching approx 1/2 inch, Size is Small Child 5 - 6, retail price $37.50

3) OLGA KORBUT FIGURINE - Olga Korbut Figurine, from Starting Lineup, Preowned in good condition

4) GYMNASTICS STICKERS - One small sheet of gymnastics stickers in great condition

5) BARBIE GYMNASTICS COMPUTER GAME - Team Gymnastics CD ROM from Barbie Software, Windows 95 and above, Preowned in great condition

6) GOING FOR GOLD - Gymnastics chapter book "Amber on Line" by Emily Marshall, Reading level approx grade 4, Preowned a few pages in front have tape on them

7) GYMNASTICS BOOK - Little Library by Kingfisher, book about gymnastics events and the basic information about gymnastics, Preowned in great condition, Recommended ages 6 - 9

8) GYMNASTICS BOOK - Gymnastics chapter book Magic Attic Club "Megan's Balancing Act" By Susan Korman, Preowned
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