GYNGER LYNN - Baby's Gone Bad CD

Gynger Lynn formed in 1989 when bassist Jim Stuppy paid a visit to Dean Pressley, the lead singer and guitarist for Chicago-based band Cheri Lane. Jim and Dean spent the entire afternoon talking about collaborating. Over the course of the same day, Jim would eventually introduce Dean to Will Hair, who in turn called drummer Frank Paul that same evening. The four musicians spent the next two weeks writing and playing in Frank’s basement.Within a month, the newly formed Gynger Lynn had hit “The Windy City” like a ferocious storm. Local management companies and producers began to take notice. After recording two demo cassettes at The Playroom with Joe Bader at the helm, building the perfect road crew, and continuously writing new material, Gynger Lynn was off to conquer the Chicago music scene. The band played six to eight shows a month, rehearsed five days a week, and basically lived the rock-n-roll lifestyle to its fullest.Over the course of the next couple of months, Gynger Lynn would gain interest from Hounds and Columbia recording artist John Hunter. John would soon become the band’s long time manager and was determined to see the Gynger Lynn maximize their musical talents and showmanship. John later took the band to Chicago Recording Company to record some of the band’s best material with Chris Sheppard. Gynger Lynn would also ... read more